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Un-installation of Norton 360 2013[beta] and installing Norton in Windows 8

Un-installation of Norton 360 2013[beta] and installing Norton in Windows 8

In this article, you will get the procedure and support regarding Norton 360 2013[beta] and is for those who have installed and registered Norton 360 2013 [beta] for the Microsoft Windows OS. It is quite mandatory if you save the personal setting file. For this, in the setting section, you have to operate the Backup Settings. You have an option to adopt the same procedure for the deletion of Norton 360 v6.0/v5.0. For the process to go smooth for an end result there is need to abide by the instructions. Additionally, if you feel like, you can go for the Expert Norton Customer Help Services . You will get the assured expert guidance.

Instruction 1

You need to log in as administrator and be sure regarding the saving and the closure of personal files or the Window programs. Now, you can operate Norton Uninstall Norton 360 on start menu of XP SP3/Vista/Windows 7.

You can tap on the start button and after that choose All Programs [or the programs for the earlier Window versions]. Now, open the Norton 360 entry on presently installed program list. After this, you have to move down in a scrolling manner, and then launch the app titled “Uninstall Norton 360”. In case, you are operating the Windows 7 gadget, you can choose the Yes option for the UAC. On Thank You, there is a Next button, and you have to tap on it. In order to understand the requirement of the computer protection, you can choose one among the two uninstall options that are listed. For this, you will have to make use of the single tap.

Now, on the “Subscription” information box, you can tap on the Next button. You shall have to wait and after that, you can reboot the gadget by tapping on the button Restart Now. Additionally, if you feel the requirement, you can dial Expert Norton 360 Tech Support Phone Number that is free of cost.

Instruction 2

You have to go as per the instructions. Start > [Settings]> Control panel> Programs—Un-installation of a program [or the addition or the removal of the programs].

You can launch the Norton 360 program: by the help of the tap. You can operate the uninstall/change option and is located on the top portion of the program list. Secondly, make a right tap on it and then choose uninstall/change on the menu located on the right. Thirdly, you can operate it in a direct manner. You can review or abide by an automatic method that is available onscreen.

As an alternative, if you feel, you can visit http://customerhelp.support/norton-360-support as well.

Instruction 3:

Guidelines concerning troubleshooting:

First of all, you have to take the current protection cover or the backup for the Windows system that includes the registry editor as well. For the files of the Norton 360 that remain and also the registry keys, you shall make a manual search and after that, you can delete them as well. But you can make them clean in the Windows Safe mode.

Getting the Norton in Windows 8

Norton has the specialization in the antivirus software and other types of software related to the computer security. For the Windows 8, you have the option to download the application and by doing this, there will be both internet and the computer protection.

Go to the Windows start menu and then open the application by the name Store. After this, you can make a search for Norton. Tap on the option Antivirus. Next, you need to choose the particular Norton version that you are interested in. For the file scan, you have the option to download Norton satellite. You can download the Norton satellite for the folders apart from various applications related to Windows 8. Expert Symantec Support for Norton intended to give best in timely help and support services to help you download and install Symantec Norton product on Windows.

Next, for the installation of the application on the gadget, you have to tap on install. Again, open the Start menu and tap on the option named Norton Satellite.

There is a particular area by the name Scan a File. The files you are interested in scanning, you can drag and transfer such files in this area. You have the option to scan the folders as well and for scanning the files and the feeds from drop-box, twitter or Facebook, you must log in on such sites.

Some tips regarding this:

There is actually an internally installed antivirus software program in Windows 8. In general or in maximum cases, it will get the things done. For the avoidance of the clash with the Norton antivirus, you must make the Windows defender null and void. To do this, it is important because the counter productiveness will spoil and have a negative impact on performance and speed of computer. Alternately, for any doubt, you can contact Norton helpdesk and will receive due guidance.

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